FAQ for Android

Note, this help is a description about complete function set of ATView3D tool family. The app you purchased may not include all the features described here. Please read your app's product description for complete features supported by your app. If you like some features described here but couldn't find them in your app, please contact us or search ATView3D for more 3D apps developed by Afanche Technologies, Inc.

About ATView3D

Instruction for adding files to the app:

Data files can be added to the app's external storage folder called 'afanche'. Just connect your phone (or tablet) with a PC and copy your 3D models to the 'afanche' folder of the device. After that, you can use the app to load the models you saved in the directory.

What if I don't want the app to open files from my email or other apps?

Afanche offers two versions of the same app, one is with file opening features from third party app including email app, another one doesn't have this feature. If you need app open files from thirdparty apps, you should download WFC version, for instance, ATView3D WFC. Otherwise, you should download MFC version, for instance, ATView3D MFC.

How to rotate 3D model?

Just move 1 finger in 3D view.

How to pan or zoom 3D model?

Just move 2 fingers in 3D view. You can further change the settings to pan only or zoom only by moving 2 fingers.

How to use perspective projection to view 3D model?

By default, the app uses orthographic projection to render 3D model. But if you like perspective projection better, you can change 3D settings to use perspective projection. Note, Panning is not supported at the moment for perspective projection.

When I want to save my model, which format should I use?

By default, ATD format should be used. Especially, if the model was created from products developed by Afache Technologies. ATD format is cross-platform format. ATD data can be shared on different platforms, including Android, IOS, Windows, etc. Free ATD viewer is available on Android and IOS.

If you want to send model to other 3D applications which are not product of Afanche Technologies, then STL format should be used. STL format only supports triangles, that means you will lose many properties of your model, for instance, color, texture, etc.

How to use the app to get accurate volume of 3D model?

Just tap Model Info menu button in 3D view, the app will display basic geometric dimensions of your 3D model together with volume and surface area information. In order to calculate accurate volume, your model must be a closed shape with no holes or openings. Ideally, there is only one single part in your model. If there are holes or other openings in your model, the volume calculation algorithm might not work well.

Does the app support zip file?

Yes. You can use the app to unzip zip files. The app also allows you to load 3D model from zip file directly. It is especially helpful when you are using formats which require multiple files to work together. For instance, if you are using obj format, you can zip 3D model, texture images and color mtl file all together and use the app to open it directly. You don't have to unzip the file first. This makes model management much easier.

Is iPhone/iPad version of this app available?

Yes, it is available. Please search afanche at iTunes AppStore. Or contact us if you have any problem to find our IOS version 3D apps.