FAQ for iPhone & iPad

Note, this help is a description about complete function set of ATView3D / ATModel3D tool family. The app you purchased may not include all the features described here. Please read your app's product description for complete features supported by your app. If you like some features described here but couldn't find them in your app, please contact us or search ATView3D for more 3D apps developed by Afanche Technologies, Inc.

About ATView3D

How to add files to the app:

To add files to the app, you can either use iTunes, email attachments, or third party file management apps. To add files through iTunes, please:

1.Connect your iOS device to your computer using the included Dock Connector to USB cable.
2.Launch iTunes 9.1 or later on your computer.
3.Go to View menu at top of screen. Select 5th item from top: Show Sidebar.
4.Select your iOS device from the Devices section of iTunes.
5.Click the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
6.Under the File Sharing section, you'll find a list of apps currently installed on your iOS device that support File Sharing. Select this app to view a list of the files associated.
7.Click Add button to add files to the folder of this app

For more details, please see http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4094

How to open files from email attachment:

Tap on the file attachment, there should be a list showing up which contains all the apps that are able to open the file. If not, try to press the file attachment and hold a few seconds, after that you should see a pop-up list. Choose this app from the list to open the file.

If you still don't see the app in the pop-up list, or if you tap the app but somehow the app doesn't start, make sure you check if you have some other apps installed which somehow block our app. Especially check if you have a app called VueCAD installed. Some users reported that VueCAD needs to be removed in order for other 3D apps to function.

How to rotate 3D model?

Just move 1 finger in 3D view.

How to pan or zoom 3D model?

Just move 2 fingers in 3D view.

How to use the app to get accurate volume of 3D model?

Just tap "Model Info" menu button in 3D view, the app will display basic geometric dimensions of your 3D model together with volume and surface area information. In order to calculate accurate volume, your model must be a closed shape with no holes or openings. Ideally, there is only one single part in your model. If there are holes or other openings in your model, the volume calculation algorithm might not work well.

How to create a new 3D model?

First, tap the "Create New 3D Model" button to create a blank new model document. After that, tap "Create new 3D Object" button to add 3d objects. If you want to modify current objects, tap "Manage 3D Objects" button to do the modification. Make sure you save your 3D model if you want to keep the change. In order to save your model, tap "Save in ATD format" button.

Does the app support zip file?

Yes. You can use the app to unzip zip files. The app also allows you to load 3D model from zip file directly. It is especially helpful when you are using formats which require multiple files to work together. For instance, if you are using obj format, you can zip 3D model, texture images and color mtl file all together and use the app to open it directly. You don't have to unzip the file first. This makes model management much easier.

Is Android version of this app available?

Yes, it is available. Please search afanche or ATView3D at Google Play store. Or contact us if you have any problem to find our Android version 3D apps.