Texture Rendering Support

Afanche3D provides excellent support for texture rendering. With its help, you can view 3D model with texture rendering easily. You can also use Afanche3D to view texture image or swap texture image for 3D rendering.

View 3D object with texture rendering

Afanche3D supports texture rendering for certain 3D formats, including 3DS, OBJ, X, and ATD. The texture images need to be included in the same data file of 3D model, or it is located in the same directory of the 3D file, in this case, they are often zipped in a zip file. When the 3D model and texture images are in a zip file, you can use Afanche3D to open the zip file directly. There is no need to unzip the zip file manually first because Afanche3D can unzip the file automatically and load 3D data file with texture images in it. The following picture shows a 3DS model with texture rendering.

View Texture Image

Afanche3D allows you to open up texture image and view it. To do that, select the texture image you want to view in the model tree (on the left side of the 3D window) under "Textures" group, click "Edit" menu in the top menu bar, click "Edit / View" menu button. After that, a texture image dialog will pop up:

Change Texture Image

Afanche3D allows you to change texture image so you can test different design. To do that, double click on the 3D object with texture that you would like to change, you will see the following popup dialog:

In the above dialog, the thumbnail image at the bottom right corner is the current image of the texture. Click "Add Texture" button, use the popup file browser select a texture image you would like to use, which can be located anywhere on your computer. After that, the texture thumbnail image is changed to the new image. Texture image file can be png, jpeg, gif or tiff format.

Click "OK" button, the new texture is used for 3D rendering.