Tutorial: 3D Model Building Features Offered by Afanche3D

Afanche3D provides quite a few 3D model building features which are very easy to use. If you want to create some simple 3D geometry, or modify existed 3D model slightly but don't want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollar to purchase a real CAD system, Afanche3D is a great choice.

Create 3D text geometry by just a few parameters

It is very easy to create 3D text with Afanche3D. Go to "Model" menu, click "Add Shape", click "3D Text", you will see the following popup dialog:

The most important input is "Text", type in what you want to build, in this example "Afanche". You can change other parameters if you want , they are used to determine how big is the font, and where to put the 3D geometry. For now, let's just click "OK" button. You will see:

Now you have the 3D geometry for the text you typed in. You can export this 3D geometry in STL and send it to your 3D printer to print if you want. If you would like to change something, for instance, the size, depth, color or location, just double click the 3D geometry. A property dialog will pop up and you can change the parameters in the dialog and recreate the 3D geometry.

Create other type of 3D geometry by just a few parameters

There are quite a few other types of 3D shape you can create just as easy as you did for 3D text. Those shapes include box, sphere, cylinder, torus, etc. The following picture shows a 3D model created by Afanche3D:

More examples: