Tutorial: Export 3D model in 3D HTML format

Afanche3D supports exporting 3D model in 3D HTML format. Afanche Technologies provides a free online 3D viewer for anybody to view the 3D HTML file exported by Afanche3D. With help of this feature, you can use Afanche3D to convert 3D model into 3D HTML format and send the 3D HTML file to your customers. They don't need to purchase Afanche3D or any other 3D software in order to view the 3D HTML file.

Why do I want to use 3D HTML format?

3D HTML format file can be displayed by any modern web browser. Therefore, there is no need to use any 3D tool in order to view the 3D model.

How it works?

Load a 3D model with Afanche3D first. Then click "File" menu, click "Export", select "Export in 3D HTML format". Once you have 3D HTML file created, just email it to the people you want to share the 3D model with. They can open and see the 3D HTML file even they are not user of Afanche3D and they don't have any 3D tools available for them to view the original 3D model. All they need is a up to date web browser.

The following picture shows a 3D CAD model opened in Afanche3D

The following picture shows the exported 3D HTML file opened in a web browser

Download the sample files used in this tutorial

The file on the left is original native CAD file. You need Afanche3D or purchase the native CAD software to open it. The file on the right is HTML 3D file. You just need a web browser to open it.