Use Afanche3D to Handle 3D Scanned Model

Afanche3D provides many useful features for 3D scanned model processing. With help of Afanche3D, your 3D scanning job can be much easier than what you thought.

Support all popular 3D formats used for 3D scanning

Afanche3D supports all popular 3D formats that are commonly used for 3D scanning, including STL, OBJ, PLY, ASC and many others. For STL format, Afanche3D supports both ASCII and binary format. The following picture shows a 3D scanned model (in PLY format) in Afanche3D.

Measure 3D scanned model

Afanche3D provides excellent measurement tools for you to measure 3D scanned model in any way you want. The following picture shows some measurements in Afanche3D:

Clean up 3D scanned model by slicing

Very often, you would like to get rid of some parts of 3D scanned model due to different reasons. Afanche3D provides 3D model slicing feature which can be used for that purpose. The following picture shows a 3D scanned model. Please note the bottom part of the model. It has gaps and uneven bottom boundary which we don't like:

In order to fix the problem, we can cut the bottom part off. Select the 3D part first by clicking the 3D part, then go to "Model" menu, click "Clipping", click "Coordinate Plane", you will see the following popup dialog:

Afanche3D allows you to slice along different direction at different position. For this example, the default inputs are good enough. Let's just click "Apply" button and the original 3D part is sliced into two parts:

We can just delete the bottom part and keep the top part