User Story: 3D Print Drawer Slide Socket Suport Part with Help of Afanche3D

My drawer slide socket was just broken a few days ago. I tried to find a replacement at Home Depot or Amazon, but couldn't find a good one. That's why I decided to do something on my own to fix it. I have Afanche3D, I have a MakerBot. I figured that is all I need to get the job done.

The following picture shows the broken part. I glued the broken pieces together, but there is no way I can continue to use it as is. My plan is to print something to hold the broken pieces together.

First, I need take the measurements. With Afanche3D, I can create boxes easily. I just need to type in dimensions based on the measurements.

With boolean operation feature in Afanche3D, I can cut the geometry in any way I want. So I do a boolean subtraction first to remove the inside box from outside box, then do a side cut.

The following picture shows the final geometry of the part I am going to print. Afanche3D can show the geometry together with 3D printer building volume, which is nice. I can easily tell if there is any problem with the geometry, for instance, wrong location, wrong size, etc.

Now I can send the stl file exported from Afanche3D to Maker Bot.

Here you go, it is done with printing!.

The following picture shows the broken part and the one I printed side by side.

Now I put them together.

The following picture shows the installed part, it works perfectly.

If you would like to download the model I used for this project, please click the following button.